Saturday, January 7, 2012

Kessler Works - Sense Fine Art - Menlo Park, California

For seven years I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Rockwell owner and director of Sense Fine Art in Menlo Park, California which is the heart of "Silicon Valley". He has hosted several exhibitions of my work and below is a link to a video documentation of one I did in 2007. Rockwell was an Olympic Skier in his youth who competed in the biathlon. He is a very effective Art rep. who has placed many wonderful installations of my paintings. He has the eye of an artist and utilizes all of the sophisticated tools of the trade including Photoshop. He is honest and the hardest-working person I know who is constantly traveling, meeting with clients, installing Art, and making presentations. He powered right through the recession and never made the mistake of waiting for it to walk in the door. He is proactive. Below are several photos of installations of my work that he facilitated.

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