Saturday, January 11, 2014


It's a new year and I've tapped into a nice new vein of work here. These paintings are comprised of 5 panels each measuring 60" x 10" with overall dimensions of 60" x 50". I like the new format and it is generating lots of new and exciting compositions. My Son is producing the panels and he is getting very good. He is sanding the edges smooth and even so it is easy to "mend" the panels together with bolts. I found these really wonderful plastic wing-nuts on Amazon and also a neat little right-angle drill for drilling the holes in these tight spots. These works bolt together quickly and easily and they break down fast too so the shipping is a breeze and the cost is a fraction of the normal full-panel-cost.

Here are the ten panels with space between them. Each panel is 60" x 10".


Anonymous said...

These are wonderful! How would I reassemble them? Do you have a photo of the backside to show how I would put it together?

Sue Marrazzo said...

I like the RED Pieces! NICE!