Saturday, October 24, 2015

Kessler update > New works on Canvas > 48" x 48" and 48" x 84"

October 24, 2015 > Currently I am working on a new series of works on canvas that measure 48" x 48", and 48" x 84". Here is an image of the first three pieces in the group.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Kessler > Update

I am currently at my Utah studio in the mountains north of Zion National Park. Much of my inspiration comes form this dynamic landscape. As for Red, Black, and Tan I began to use that scheme in 1990 when I was living in Rome. I noticed those colors everywhere there and began to use them. It remains one of my favorite color combinations however I LOVE all colors and therefore work across the spectrum. For a few weeks I will explore a certain color combination. Yellow is the most difficult color to use well as any painter will tell you. When I choose a color combination I observe how they work in Nature and then employ those properties. Recently I have begun to make my work on canvas. The main reason for this is because I want to make large works and panels are just too heavy. It was necessary to solve several technical problems which I have managed to do. One requirement for my process is a very firm and tight surface and another is a smooth surface. Canvas has a rough surface and tends to flop and sag a bit so I solved these two problems by collaging paper to the canvas surface. This tightens the canvas like a drum and provides me with the perfect smooth white surface so all of my many technics work well. Now I can produce large expansive works on light-weight canvases that are easy to move and handle. For me this is miraculous and I am thrilled! The "digital" aspect is often seen as an aspect of my work and that is no accident. Even the more organic works have some of this "digital" look. I want my work to reflect the new media we all use every day. I want my work to belong to it's time in history. I am a keen observer of contemporary design in every form including architecture. In many ways my painting process is similar to Photoshop operations. I use Photoshop every day and it effects my paintings very much. Michael